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A solution for the beverage applications : Selective filter sheet and selective filter adjuvant


The food and beverage industries are facing increasing consumer and regulatory demands for improved product security and accountability. Underlying these demands is an ongoing drive toward production worker safety, well being and waste reduction.


Adfimax is developing a product to satisfy these basic demands whilst taking a significant step to wider biosecurity and product safety by reducing mycotoxin and chemical hazards in consumer products. Adfimax is the result of a discovery by a French SME, REALDYME, in 2002 followed by extensive development work carried out within an FP7 EU funded project(DEMYBE).


A commercialization consortium built on an alliance of five EU SME's has been formed to take these new and innovative products to market. The central Adfimax product can be simply integrated into liquid based processing systems during the existing filter step. The Adfimax raw materials are specially treated natural fibres and the lack of additives in the process contributes toward the highly sustainable nature of our product. Adfimax can replace Kieselguhr as a pre-coat or as a filter adjuvant within accepted standard industrial dosages and requires no alteration to equipment inventory. The ability of Adfimax to substantially replace a product already used in the industry will minimise economic impacts on production and the new broader benefits offered by the Adfimax system will reduce total product security costs.


Adfimax has already demonstrated its outstanding potential as a filter adjuvant; OTA levels in contaminated wine, initially at 3.93ppb were reduced to below detection level after filtration. The same delivery system has also demonstrated its ability to remove unwanted pesticide residues. Boscalid and Iprodione being reduced to below their detection limit, Dimetomorph by 95% and Fenhexamid by 90%. These benefits are achieved with no significant impact on product sensory profiles.


The current phase of development work is in the process of widening the delivery of the Adfimax products to include filter sheet and body feed applications. Within this context further are optimization of production techniques is being carried out. This process will allow the scale-up of bespoke products toward specific applications where the significant benefits of the Adfimax Technology can deliver both outstanding biosecurity and economic benefits to our customers.


Congress :

  • 10th Trends in Brewing Ghent (Belgium) -April 2012 (See the poster)
  • 35th Congress OIV Ismir (Turkey) - 20th June 2012
  • WAC congress- March 2014- Beaune (France) - (see the poster)


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